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1. Eastman Kodak Co., Brownie No. 2A, c.1907-33, Box camera.

2. Jiffy Kodak Six-16, c.1933-37 ,2 1/4 X 4 1/4 roll film camera.

3. Agfa-Ansco Plenax PD-16, c. 1935, folding rollfilm camera.

4. Galter Prod. Co., Spartus Press Flash camera.

5. Whitehouse Products, Beacon II, c. 1947-55, plastic rollfilm camera.

6. Eastman Kodak Co., Flash-Six-20 Brownie Special.

7. Eastman Kodak Co., Baby Brownie Special..

8. Herbert George Co., Imperial Reflex Flach II.

9. Eastman Kodak Co. Brownie Reflex Sychro Model.

10. Herold Products Co. Chicago, Spartus Vangard camera.

11. Ansco Cadet Reflex Camera with flash.

12. Eastman Kodak Co. , Brownie Starflex camera.

13. Eastman Kodak Co. , Brownie Hawkeye camera flash model.

14. Eastman Kodak Brownie Starflash camera.

15. Universal Camera Co. of New York, Mercury II camera.

16. Argus Inc. model C3 camera.

17. AGFA Color-AGNAR, Optima Ia camera.

18. Stereo Realist, c.1950's, 35mm. stereo camera.

19. Polaroid Land Camera model 150.

20. Polaroid Land Camera model automatic 130 with Flashgun model 268.

21. Polaroid, Swinger Model 20, c. 1965-70, plastic camera for instant B/W photos.

22. Polaroid SX-70 camera.

23. Kodak EK4 Instant Camera.

24. Universal Camera Corp. of New York, UniveX 8mm Cine Camera, model C8.

25. Revere Camera Co., 8mm. magazine cine' movie camera.

26. Keystone MFG Co. (Boston) model K-8 movie camera.

27. Eastman Kodak Co., Brownie Movie camera with 3 lens turret.

28. Eastman Kodak Co., Brownie Movie camera.

29. Eastman Kodak Co., Brownie Super 27 camera.

30. Kodak Tele EKTRA 1, 22mm & 44mm. dual lens camera with flash.

31. Eastman Kodak Co., pocket Instamatic 20 camera.

32. Eastman Kodak Co., Instamatic 124 camera.

33. Herbert-George Co., Imperial Mark XII Flash camera.

34. Mini key chain camera.

35. Fisher-Price Camera, c. 1984, Kids pocket 110 cartridge camera.

36. Minolta Weathermatic-A, c.1970's, 110 cartridge fillm under water camera..

37. Kodak FunSaver, c. 1996, pocket one time use 35mm film camera.

38. Canon Inc. (Tokyo), A-1 SLR 35mm camera.

39. Sony (Japan), Handycam Video 8 camera.

40. Apple Computer Corp., QuickTake 100, CCD still frame digital camera and Apple Macintosh 7100/80av computer and Adobe Photoshop & PageMill software.


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